Performance Opportunities – Piano Competitions!

As pianists, we often seek for opportunities to share our music with others, whether that’s grabbing a parent or a friend and sitting them down to listen to the pieces you’ve been practicing, or if you’re preparing to take part in a school recital.

Piano competitions are another crucial avenue for getting the opportunity to perform. While the word ‘competition’ can sound daunting, it is a great platform to test our skills. Sure, there is a judge and yes, there will be a first prize and a second prize and some commendations, but what it really means for pianists is an opportunity to improve ourselves. It’s an opportunity to listen to your peers and to hear the standard of piano playing in the nation. You can see who else is as dedicated to the piano as you are, and you can make friends. You get to try out what is often a very high quality piano in an environment in which a concert pianist might find themselves. Now you can’t get that when it’s just yourself in the practice room!

If you think you might like to try out participating in a piano competition, mention it to your teacher. Below are some of the major competitions coming up this year, with some key dates to note.


Feis Maitiu (Cork) – takes place in February 2023 – entry deadline 2.12.22

Newpark Music Festival (Dublin) – takes place in February 2023 – entries open in November

Piano Academy of Ireland National Piano Festival (Dublin) – takes place March 2023

Dublin Feis Ceoil – takes place March 2023 – entry deadline 16.12.22

Sligo Feis Ceoil – date TBA