Terms & Conditions

  1. All students must have daily access to a suitable acoustic piano for practice.
  2. Students are accepted on a year-to-year basis only. No refund of fees is allowed should the year not be completed. Re-enrolment is subject to regular attendance and satisfactory progress.
  3. Requests for specific lesson times and teachers will be considered and every effort will be made to accommodate you; however, the allocation of lesson times, teachers and rooms is subject to the scheduling. Pianos Plus School reserves the right to change scheduled class times / rooms / teachers or to cancel classes when necessary.
  4. Pianos Plus School reserves the right to postpone the opening of the school should there be insufficient student numbers. In this event all fees will be refunded.
  5. The teacher is the contact for all exam or other academic related issues.
  6. One of the advantages of one-to-one teaching over group teaching is the teacher’s ability to design a bespoke experience for each student. To this end, if your child has any learning difficulties, please do disclose them to the teacher. This knowledge will allow the teacher to advise and explore alternative methods of delivery where possible.
  8. The fee for the year is €870.00. You can pay the fee in full by cheque or Direct Debit, or you can avail of our monthly Direct Debit facility by completing the Direct Debit Mandate form below and returning to Pianos Plus School with your application form. The amount of €97.35 will be collected monthly for 9 months on the 15th of each month beginning September 2023.
    Please tick the box ‘Recurrent’ on the Direct Debit Mandate Form. Alternatively, if you would like us to collect the full fees by Direct Debit you can tick the box ‘One- Off’ this payment will be collected on the 12th September 2023.
  9. An administration and collection charge of €6.00 will apply to unsuccessful Direct Debit collections. A second collection attempt will be made 7 days after the first attempt.
  10. Please note, as teachers make a commitment to teach each student for the full academic year, the tuition payments are non-refundable
  11. Should you wish to enrol more than one child per family please contact the office on 01 409 7373 for a different application form.
  12. Please note, if you or your child is intending to commence piano lessons in September 2023, the application form must be submitted and all fees or completed Direct Debit form must be received before classes commence.CHILD PROTECTION
  13. We have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that all children in our School are protected, and their health and welfare are safeguarded. Our staff are mandated to report any concerns. All Pianos Plus School teaching staff are vetted through the Garda Vetting unit and have the correct qualifications to work with children.DATA PRIVACY
  14. Pianos Plus School will collect and store personal data for invoicing and communication purposes only and for a period of delivering service only. Personal Data are securely stored and will not be transferred to a third party at any stage; it also can be removed by request.COVID19 PROTECTION POLICY
  15. Safety measures are in place in our schools including hand sanitising before entering the room, wearing a face cover is not mandatory by students under 12 years of age. Waiting room will not be available. Our teachers will wear face cover for mutual protection. Social distancing will be maintained Our equipment will be cleaned throughout the day. Children who have travelled from countries not on the green list should not attend school during 14 days isolation period. We will offer online classes during this period. Online lessons will also be offered in case of school closure or if the teacher develops symptoms.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact PIANOS PLUS at (01) 4097373, [email protected]